Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Dedicated to .. him and the other

The events of recent days have brought back to mind a piece example: a true classic.
The famous aria "my lady, this is a list" from "Don Giovanni" by WA Mozart (libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte).
Ferruccio Furlanetto in the role of Leporello interprets (expressing the most of its ability to truly "low humor") at the Metropolitan Opera (maybe in '90) in New York under the direction of James Levine and directed by Franco Zeffirelli.
make a small contribution to the debate in recent days, a bit 'more "slight" and less pungent.

In stage 5 of the first act, Don Giovanni is on the road with his servant Leporello in search of new conquests, and, while talking with the latter seen from a distance and a girl all alone approaches her, but when she discovers that the lady is Donna Elvira, which he had seduced and abandoned a few days earlier in Burgos and now the desperate search for love, is in great embarrassment. Don Giovanni tries to justify himself, and when Donna Elvira Leporello is distracted, hurried away, leaving his servant to appease the woman groped Elvira: the circumstances, he can not help but reveal the infinite series of the achievements of his master.

my lady, this is a list
Of the beauties my master has loved, the
a catalog is that I have compiled;
Observe, read along with me.

In Italy six hundred and forty;
Alemagna In two hundred and thirty;
hundred in France, Turkey, ninety;
But in Spain already one thousand and three.

Among these are peasant,
Waiter, towns,
V'han countesses, baronesses,
Marchesine, princesses.
v'han And women of all ranks,
On every form, of all ages.

blondes he
the custom to praise their kindness, perseverance
In the dark,
In white sweetness.

Does the plump winter, summer
Does the magrotta;
is the great majestic
The baby is always charming. He seduces the old

For the pleasure of adding to the list
His greatest
Is the young beginner.

It does not matter - whether rich
Is it ugly or beautiful;
If she wears a skirt,
You know what he does.


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